Why Use a Grave tending service?

Our clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages and circumstances. Some of the reasons our clients choose to use a Grave Care service include but are not limited to: – Living too far away from the resting place of a loved one, family member or friend

– Work schedules and busy lives that do not allow them to visit and care for the grave as often as they would like

– Older clients who are physically unable to visit the grave of a loved one or unable to undertake maintenance tasks required

– Those who simply appreciate attending the gravesite without having to perform maintenance tasks

– Clients who find it emotionally difficult to visit the gravesite but find peace knowing their loved ones resting place is taken care of

– Family and friends who would like a floral tribute delivered on a special day or time of year such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day/Father’s day, anniversary or a birthday

Whatever the reason, our clients find peace and solace knowing their loved ones are taken care of. All our work is executed in a respectful manner and to a high standard.

What do you do that the cemetery does not already do?

The cemeteries do an incredible job of cutting the grass. They are not responsible for the beautifying of the gravesites–nor do they have the resources to do so.  That is where Heavens Maid can help you.

Why do we need your service if we get to our family site once or twice a year?

That is great that you are able to visit the sites of your loved ones.  It is even better if you can sweep, edge, gently clean and shine the stone or marker at each visit.  We recommend a minimum of four maintenance services a year to keep the site looking well kept.  When others visit your loved ones site, they will know you care if it is well kept.  We can supplement your gravesite care with as many times as you would like.   Please contact Heavens Maid at info.heavens-maid.co.uk website or call 01642 054 515.

Do you only work in cemeteries?

We will work wherever your loved ones memorial marker, plaque or bench may be. 

Will you help with our pet’s memorial?

Pets are a part of the family and are memorialize in many ways.  We have had our share of pet family members in our home and care for their final resting place.  Heavens Maid will provide the same services that we offer for other family members.  Contact us to see how we can customize a service for your beloved pet.

How will you locate my loved one’s grave site?

Accurate information would speed up the process for locating plots. The more information you can provide us the better. We will do everything we can to locate the grave based on the information you provide use. If you are able to provide us with the section of the site and a plot number then this helps greatly. There will be an additional, one-off fee to locate graves where much of this information is unavailable.

Do you only work in the summer?

No–although most of our work is done during the growing season.  We will provide service anytime of the year on or just before your scheduled date weather permitting.

I am not sure of the current condition of the grave, will this impact the service?

It is normal for a grave to require a little more care and attention especially for the first few visits and maybe more depending on the condition. An assessment will be made on the first visit and reported back with a photograph. It can often take a few months and visits for the condition to improve which we will continue to update you on. Please note headstones will weather with time and may never recover to their original condition. If there is extensive damange to the headstone you will be informed and we may refer you to a specialist stone mason to advise on any repairs required.

How do I request your services?

There are several ways.  You may call us or Whatsapp us on 01642 054 515 or email us at info@heavens-maid.co.uk .  We will set up a time to meet with you to see how Heavens Maid can best serve you.

How do payments work?

Once a custom plan is agreed with you and the paperwork is signed; you can pay in full or pay for the first visit. We can e-mail you an invoice for the next scheduled service. That work will be completed once that payment is received. Payment can be either by bank transfer or cash.