Our Services

Want someone to take care of a family or loved one’s memorial?

No job is too small, don’t be afraid to call us , even if it’s just a few letters re-gilded, or a little bit of weeding needing doing to maintain some memorial care.

Grave Tidy up

Regular or One-off Grave Tending Visits

Each visit includes:

  • Clean Headstone/Marker & Remove Debris
  • Weed, Edge, Trim Grass & Remove Overgrowth
  • Clean and/or Repair Urns, Vases and Statuary
  • Deliver Artificial Floral Arrangements, Fresh Flowers, Flags, Balloons, Wreaths, etc.
  • Arrange for Resetting of Sunken or Leaning Stones
  • Provide Scheduled Repeat Services
  • Take Digital Before and After Photographs

Additional Services:  

  • Replacement, Cleaning or top up of stones/glass chipping
  • New Top soil
  • New Plants or bulbs
  • Turfing of the grave

Flower Placing

  • One Off
  • Once a month
  • Once every 3 months,
  • Once every 6 months
  • Once a year,

Deep Clean

Deep clean will include the same services as the Grave Tidy up.
Before contemplating spending all that money, please get in touch with us, we can get your stone etc looking like brand new again at a fraction of the price. We do not use acids or anything that contains bleach, as bleach can corrode the stone over time.

  • Required where the grave and site has had no attention for some time and extra effort is needed to restore to a manageable condition
  • Memorials will be cleaned using a biological cleaning solution which works with the weather conditions and doesn’t impact on the environment.
  • Whilst every effort will be made to rejuvenate, please bear in mind that some staining and decay is impossible to eradicate.  If you require further work on the stone then I can contact a local stone mason to provide an estimate.

Headstone Inscription Restoration

Reguilding / Repainting of lettering

Headstone and Memorial Inscription Letter Painting to restore its colour and sharpness.  Headstone lettering fades and flakes over time, but let us repaint and restore the inscription to make your Headstone look new again. We can re-guild in White, Black and Gold leaf.

All work is carried out on site, and most projects can be completed in 1 day

Please note we DO NOT offer LEAD lettering, for this you need the services of either a stone mason or a monument mason

Bespoke Services

  • Temporary Memorial Markers – made to order, costs vary
  • Replacement, Cleaning or top up of stones/glass chippings or addition of Top soil